Its never been this bad.

Continuous, never ending progress is tough, if not impossible.  Even the most successful folks hit set backs or lows.  So, what are us mere mortals to do?

The same thing.

2015 has been one of the roughest years Pam and I have had.  Mostly from a business perspective, but those struggles lead to stress which bleeds into other areas of life.  Of note, my nutritional habits and exercise routine has just about crumbled.
Turns out, working out 2-3 times per month combined with a steady diet of Oreos, chips, tacos and candy doesn’t make for a healthy, strong and fit human!  Hunh!  Who knew?!  In regards to my fitness…its never been this bad.

No, its not this bad, but this is about how I feel. Lol!

But, we’ve made some tough, but right, decisions and we’re back to moving in the right direction.  More changes to be made to put our lives back into a net positive.

And, starting today, our health and fitness is back to being a priority. We started an AdvoCare Cleanse+Detox today, put the diet back on track, and started following the Brand X Method workouts for the remainder of December, perhaps longer.

I took before pics, but I am very literally too embarrassed to put them up. Maybe in a month.

The point of the post is just to share that sometimes you have to suffer to be forced to see what needs to change and sometimes what needs to change requires tough decisions.  But after those tough decisions, most of the other changes are easy.

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