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Our inaugural Texas Painstorm Event lived up to its name! We’re excited to help build on the founding concept that was CrossFit when we found it…camaraderie through struggle and improving oneself. There was no single ‘winner’ today but everyone worked hard, did their best and supported each other. (Some of us even quit CrossFit a couple of times during that 20 minute AMRAP but we started again after a couple of breaths.) The folks who came out from @crossfitwrath CrossFit Champions and Breakthrough Fitness as well as CrossFit 1836 and CrossFit Redefined and our very own Julie representing @creeksidecrossfit all worked hard and it was cool to be a part of it! #blog #nolimits #fitover40 #fitmom #cantstopme #capable #healthylife #munsonfamily #bettereveryday


I didn’t finish off my day yesterday with what was the end of the first 10 days of our 24 Day Challenge. The main focus of the first 10 days is gut health as everything else regarding your health builds off of how healthy your gut is. Damaged gut lining can let in the wrong things, not absorb the right things, not protect you from whatever bug is going around at the moment and even set your body up to fight itself! So the first 10 days is about super simple eating, probiotics and herbal cleanse to help you’ve at your best for the next 14 days. Day 10 had yellow meat watermelon, gluten free muffins (coconut and tapioca flours) and roast with green beans for dinner. Not kidding on how easy the food should be during this stretch. Good meats, vegetables galore, some fruits, healthy fat. Done. It’s not rocket surgery. #fitover40 #bettereveryday #blog #fitmom #advocare #24daychallenge #glutenfree #grainfree #cleaneating #cleansnack #fitfood #nutrition #healthylife #healthyliving


It’s 96 degrees out and I don’t feel like working out but I’m behind on my lifts sooo… Deadlifts 5 x 130, 3 x 145, 10 x 160
Db side bends 25 @ 25#, 30#, 35#
Bench press 5 x 74#, 3 x 83#, 7 x 93#
Db rows 3 x 15 @ 25# dbs
Come on cooler weather! #fitmom #blog #conditioning #training #bettereveryday #fitover40 #liftheavythings #dosomething #strongwoman


We’re in AT&T Stadium at AdvoCare’s 2015 Success School. There are over 20,000 people here. It’s a lot of people but it is only a fraction of the number of people signed up in AdvoCare. One of the best features of AdvoCare, in my opinion, is that there are multiple ways to be involved. The vast majority of people who sign up in AdvoCare sign up simply for a discount on the products they use. Who wouldn’t? There are other direct sales companies that have products I like, that I would like more at a discount but they don’t offer a non-business building option. I don’t have interest in buying a minimum amount of products every month. None. So this weekend, in the world of AdvoCare, is about helping the ones who are interested in creating a secondary income and doing something bigger than simply get great products at a discount. Neither way is more right than the other but these options are one of the many reasons we love being involved with this business in particular. #positivity #fitmom #blog #fitover40 #advocare #bettereveryday #munsonfamily #positivelife