I didn’t finish off my day yesterday with what was the end of the first 10 days of our 24 Day Challenge. The main focus of the first 10 days is gut health as everything else regarding your health builds off of how healthy your gut is. Damaged gut lining can let in the wrong things, not absorb the right things, not protect you from whatever bug is going around at the moment and even set your body up to fight itself! So the first 10 days is about super simple eating, probiotics and herbal cleanse to help you’ve at your best for the next 14 days. Day 10 had yellow meat watermelon, gluten free muffins (coconut and tapioca flours) and roast with green beans for dinner. Not kidding on how easy the food should be during this stretch. Good meats, vegetables galore, some fruits, healthy fat. Done. It’s not rocket surgery. #fitover40 #bettereveryday #blog #fitmom #advocare #24daychallenge #glutenfree #grainfree #cleaneating #cleansnack #fitfood #nutrition #healthylife #healthyliving

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