Pam and I have participated in and run a lot of challenges over the years.

When we owned CrossFit Champions, we ran numerous nutrition challenges and performance challenges.  Most of them were 30 days or 6 weeks.  More often than not, a good percentage of participants didn’t finish them…which always boggled us.  Perhaps one of the best challenges we ever ran was the BAM (Be A Man) Challenge, which was for men only and ran 12 weeks.  It was very challenging…but all of the participants finished it!  Why?  I think because I made it clear what the commitments were, who the challenge was for, BECAUSE it was tough, and in no small part…because this group of men got to rely on each other for support and comradery.

Pam and I have shared a couple times over the last few months how difficult most of 2014 and 2015 were for us.  Many challenges, obstacles and failures.  Which is fine, life includes all of those.  And, many valuable lessons as a result.  So, yay for lessons, that’s the positive.  The negative is that we got WAY off track with everything.  Nutrition, exercise and fitness, our relationship, our business, everything.  At the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016, we haven’t felt this off…ever.

In 2016, we started fresh.  Started rebuilding our positive habits and making good changes. We’ve accomplished a lot already in 2016, but we are no where near done getting better, becoming more awesome!

We’ve known about the Whole Life Challenge for many years and when we saw that another WLC was coming up in May, we knew the timing was right for us.  Here is a great post about why the Whole Life Challenge is 8 weeks instead of shorter.  HERE.

And here is info on the Challenge itself. HERE.

Personally, Pam and I are going to use the Challenge not just for nutrition and fitness, but also for resetting our business goals and habits, growing our AdvoCare business and changing lives.

So, here is our challenge to you.  DO THIS WHOLE LIFE CHALLENGE WITH US!  Challenges are always funner with a group!  Here is a link to signing up and joining our WLC Team.

In addition to all the resources you will get from WLC, Pam and I will personally share with you our nutrition tips (we’re doing a ketogenic protocol which may not be for you, but we can still help with your nutrition) and what supplements we take, as well as which ones will help you with your goals.  In addition, if you are in AdvoCare with us, we will work as a team to accomplish awesome business growth and set new business building habits in the 8 weeks.

It starts May 7, so get signed up ASAP!


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