We’re in AT&T Stadium at AdvoCare’s 2015 Success School. There are over 20,000 people here. It’s a lot of people but it is only a fraction of the number of people signed up in AdvoCare. One of the best features of AdvoCare, in my opinion, is that there are multiple ways to be involved. The vast majority of people who sign up in AdvoCare sign up simply for a discount on the products they use. Who wouldn’t? There are other direct sales companies that have products I like, that I would like more at a discount but they don’t offer a non-business building option. I don’t have interest in buying a minimum amount of products every month. None. So this weekend, in the world of AdvoCare, is about helping the ones who are interested in creating a secondary income and doing something bigger than simply get great products at a discount. Neither way is more right than the other but these options are one of the many reasons we love being involved with this business in particular. #positivity #fitmom #blog #fitover40 #advocare #bettereveryday #munsonfamily #positivelife

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