The Ketogenic Experience – 4

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This past Saturday, April 9 completed 8 weeks of our Ketogenic journey, so we wanted to share a super quick update on stats.

2-14-16  3-26-16 4-11-16
Matt 196lb BW  190lb BW 185
20% BF% 16.85% BF% 16%
37.25in Wst 35.75in Wst 34.75
Pam 154lb BW 153lb BW 152
25.5% BF% 23.25% BF% 20.7%
31.25in Wst 30.25in Wst 30.25

I’m down another 5lb, leaning out nicely. Pam is staying pretty much the same on her BW which we don’t really understand, but she is measurably and visibly leaner. Thing is, she is also without question putting on more muscle. Her lifts are up and again, her muscles are visibly filling out.

I am pretty certain that my calories need to come up. I’m glad I lost 10-11lb, but now its time to bring my calories back up to support my workouts and recovery.

Coming soon…live discussions on our Keto lifestyle, recipes and tips and tricks to keep it simple…and tasty.  You can catch the live broadcasts on Periscope here:

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