The Ketogenic Experience – 2

This past Saturday, March 26, 2016, marked 6 full weeks into our Ketogenic lifestyle and we wanted to share a quick update.

As I discussed in the first post, we’re in this for the long haul and the health benefits, not just the weight loss advantages.  That being said, we’re pretty pleased with our body composition progress so far.

2-14-16  3-26-16
Matt 196lb BW  190lb
20% BF% 16.85%
37.25in Waist 35.75in
Pam 154lb BW 153lb
25.5% BF% 23.25%
31.25in Waist 30.25in

Within the first couple weeks, we both lost about 3lb of bodyweight, most likely quick water loss. In weeks 4-6 though I steadily lost a few more. Pam on the other hand, after initially losing 3-4lbs, went back up in weight. Almost to her starting weight. But, her bodyfat % went down. Taking a good look at how she looks, we can say with much certainty that its a little muscle accumulation. Pam has a high affinity for putting on muscle and we’ve been dedicated in our strength training during this 6 weeks…perhaps more so than we’ve been in a long time.
We also noticed that Pam has lost considerable intra-abdominal fatty tissue. No, its not from any kind of spectral analysis…its from her feeling and both of us seeing a VERY noticeable decrease in the amount of that womanly lower abdominal ‘pooch’ that all women have. Lol.

The most noticeable changes however are our energy and our skin.

In weeks 3-4 our day to day energy was fantastic, but our workout energy and performance was really suffering.  As though our resting metabolisms had switched over to primarily fats for fuel, but the muscle cells when in demand for higher performance  and exertion and force production, the pathway wasn’t quite there yet.  Well, all that changed in weeks 5-6.  O2 Gold might have had something to do with it, and if so that’s fine.  But now we feel fantastic in our workouts and feel as though we are back on an up ramp of performance improvements.

I noticed around week 5 that Pam’s body skin had turned incredibly smooth.  She’s always had nice skin, but now her skin feels silky smooth and even the fine lines on her face look smoother.  As for myself, the skin under my eyes looks younger and my hair and nails are growing very fast and very strong.

So, there you have it.  6 weeks Keto.  Increased energy, better sleep, improved hair, skin and nails.  Increased workout energy and performance.  Improved body composition.  Loving it.

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