Nutrition…Keep It Simple

Over the last 20 or so years, we have offered and given nutrition advice to thousands of people.  From friends, family and co-workers, to personal training customers, gym clientele and online acquaintances.

All to often, 2 things happen with these nutrition conversations;

  1. Folks want a magical plan.  They think to get fantastic results, I need THE secret meal plan and/or THE most amazing supplement.
  2. After being given a simple nutrition guide…they just don’t have the discipline to stick to something so simple.

But for those that DO follow a plan like this…the results are always positive.  More energy, better rest and recovery, weight loss (if that is what they needed), etc., etc.

So, here is the simple, simple nutritional advice we offer to everyone.  Can it be more complicated than this?  Sure.  But why not follow a simple, common sense plan first and then make small adjustments as needed?

This is the kind of nutrition plan that will work very well for the vast majority.   Stick with it for at least 8 weeks and see what happens.

General Meal Plan

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