Another page of effort complete. No PRs as this block was mostly a de-load week which followed a very tough last session. I needed rest. We forget how integral rest is in development but ever hard effort in the gym needs to be followed with rest, clean eating and supportive supplements to help your body rebuild and improve. Working out is pushing your body to its max and then a little bit more. That’s where the soreness comes from. Taking an NSAID (over the counter pain relief) prevents your body from rebuilding and improving because it tells your body, falsely, that there is no need for repair. Proper protein intake jump starts the rebuilding process by providing the raw parts for construction. AdvoCare’s Nighttime Recovery is amino acid and mineral blend that helps the body get into deep sleep which is where the recovery happens and it supplies important building blocks. Check it out. Contact your distributor or if you don’t have a distributor I’d be happy to help you out. Love training and AdvoCare! #blog #fitoverforty #advocare #nighttimerecovery #strongmama #healthylife

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