Benefits of Garage Gym Training

There is an undeniable appeal of training at a CrossFit or strength gym.  And for the most part, now days, that is what most people are used to and what they think of when you mention CrossFit, strength training, powerlifting, gym, etc.

What most people don’t realize is some of the best gyms on the planet started in someone’s garage.  Some are even still in a garage.

What’s funny is I’ve had many conversations with folks looking for a CF gym and they said in the search of their area, they found ‘this one’ and ‘that one’ and then ‘that one that is just in someone’s garage’ with an uneducated tone of disdain.

Talk to any and all of or original garage clients.  The group of folks that trained with Pam and I for over a year before we moved CrossFit Champions to its first facility.  They will all tell you that there are aspects of the garage training that they miss.

There are many advantages of training at an actual business facility.  More space, probably more hours, probably more equipment, etc.

But there are also some unbeatable advantages of training at a garage gym.

More personal attention.
You just can’t pack as many people into a garage.  Train with 3-5 people and your coach.  Super awesome training.

Better rates (probably).
In all likelihood, your garage gym owner can charge a little less than the big box counterparts.

Smaller, tighter group.
You’ll be a part of a super tight, dedicated community.

Efficiency of space and equipment.
You’ll learn quickly how to get killer training in little space and minimal equipment.

Grandfathered rates.
If the gym eventually moves into a facility, you’ll likely get some preferential rates for being one of the originals.

Friendship and kinship.
There is something special that can hardly be put into words about the small tight group.


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