Why Direct Sales Is The Perfect Career For Go-Getters

I’m 41 years old.  I started working while I was in high school.  I worked through most of my college years too.

After college, I did the corporate job thing for 11 years.  Great company, great history, great pay.  Security?  Enh….got fired.

After that job, Pam and I took our garage gym full time, into a facility.  Ran our own business (the gym) for 7 years.  Enjoyed being a business owner for the most part…but there were lots and lots of headaches that come along with owning a traditional business that you just don’t know about until you’re in it and its owning you.

Now, before I explain why I think Direct Sales / Network Marketing is the perfect career for driven, go-getter types and entrepreneurs, let me say that we WERE NOT looking to get into this industry.  In fact, we fought even looking at businesses like AdvoCare for years.

Now that we are in the Direct Sales profession, with a growing and thriving business, I can tell you its the best business choice.

Benefits of Direct Sales / Network Marketing:

Unlimited Income
Yep.  I said it.  Want more income?  Create a bigger network/organization.  In Direct Sales, you are rewarded for YOUR work.

Residual Income
Once you have built a Direct Sales business to a certain size and in a manner that your efforts are being duplicated, your organization can continue to grow without you, providing residual income.

Grows Without You
Again, once you have properly built your business to a given size, it continues to grow without you.  Pam and I were on vacation 3.5 out of 5 weeks, last November/December and our business (and our pay) grew while we were vacationing!

Personal Growth
In Direct Sales, you’ll be provided endless opportunities to grow as a person too.  I’m not saying you will have to, or should, change as a person. I’m saying you’ll be able to become a better version of who you already are.

Little To No Risk and Low Start Up
Most Direct Sales companies provide the ability to get started with little capital at risk.  Getting our old gym up and running, over the years, took multiple tens of thousands of dollars.  And it took years to get it to a point that it was providing a great income for us.  In our AdvoCare business, we got started well under $3k and it only took 10 months to create a great full time income!

Time Freedom
Lets say you start your Direct Sales business in spare time, while still working a full time job.  That’s how we did it.  But at some point your Direct Sales income may surpass your job income and allow you to quit that job.  Financial freedom can bring debt freedom and time freedom.
And, in Direct Sales, for the most part, you set your own hours.

No Boss
In Direct Sales, you are your own boss.  You don’t report to anyone but you.  You have total control.

No Employees
In Direct Sales, you don’t need employees.  The folks that get into business with you and build a business with you will be like-minded, driven, hungry people just like yourself.  Imagine teaming up and working with a group of people that have the same drive and goals as you!

Little To No Overhead
In Direct Sales, operating expenses can fairly easily be summed up as promotional materials, mileage expense, and a little bit of seminar and training expense.  No rent, no utilities, no staff, etc.

Its Not For Everyone…Even Though Its For Everyone

We often tell people that Direct Sales isn’t for everyone.  Its just for those that want to get rewarded for their efforts, have control of their time and income, and be debt free.

Our family on one of the first real vacations in years, thanks to what AdvoCare has done for our income and time freedom.
Pam and I at our first Leadership session of AdvoCare Success School.

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