Update 5 – 20-Week Beyond 5-3-1

We have now finished up the 2nd rotation in the 2nd 5-week portion of the 20-Week Beyond 5-3-1 program.

Just like the work sets in the prior (3s) rotation, in this rotation, we’re doing work sets of 5′s, but instead of finishing the last work set with a 5+ set at 85%…we’re finishing with a set at TM (training max) weight for as many reps as possible.

Here are our results on the TM x reps sets:

Back Squat – 5 (same as last time)
Deadlift – 5 (same as last time)
Bench Press – 10 (up 1 rep)
Press – 7 (up 1 rep)

Back Squat – 6 (same as last time)
Deadlift – 5
Bench Press – 7 (up 1 rep)
Press – 10

Back Squat – 3
Deadlift – 5
Bench Press – 3
Press – 7

IMG_0559 IMG_0799

IMG_0762 IMG_0660

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