New year, new me, new…

I like starting new stuff. I’m especially excited to be starting this new year. Good riddance, 2015!

On the health front, we’re starting an AdvoCare All In 24 Day Challenge on the 11th. For us they are an opportunity to refocus on our health, get our diet cleaned up, make sure we’re taking care of ourselves in the building blocks that come in. For those 24 days our big focus is on eating really clean which means, for us, a big base of meats, vegetables, healthy fats, little starch, little sugar, no processed foods. Make sure to get the water in.


On the fitness front, Matt started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in December and Alyx is back in the school also on most mornings. That will be something I add later this spring, hopefully. I’ve committed to getting out and walking and/or jogging more and I’m taking the dogs with me. Daily is the goal but… Matt and I are also in the garage gym 3 times per week now.


On the personal front, I am committing to a bunch of reading in 2016. This one is an easy one for me as I love to read but haven’t made the time in the last couple of years. I mean I read but not like I used to. One awesome change that happened in 2015 was that I started reading out loud to my youngest every evening. Even when the stress levels were so high I could only make it through a couple of pages we read. Now we easily cover a chapter at a time and could do more. Its calming and really helps me to sleep. This added challenge will have me reading more and that’s a good thing. (It will definitely mean less time for Facebook reading and the like which is also a good thing!)

There are so many more positive changes in store for this year. After last year’s “growth opportunity” we are definitely primed to bounce off of the bottom and make some great progress!

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