My AdvoCare Product Routine

I get asked a lot by folks in our AdvoCare organization and other AdvoCare groups what my product regimen is. So, here it is. I’m going to break it down by product and in (mostly) order of importance. Its both easy and difficult to do so, however, because there is lots of cross-over benefit in lots of the products.

(Disclaimer: This product routine is not in place of proper real food nutrition.  This is on top of, to supplement, our healthy lifestyle including our eating choices.)

General Health & Wellness (wellness including energy)

MNS Max 3 or Max E – Usually, Pam is always on MNS Max 3 and I’m on MNS Max E (cause I love the extra energy that system gives me. MNS Max 3 definitely provides the most nutrient bang for the buck, containing CorePlex, Calcium Plus, OmegaPlex, Amplify AT, Probiotic Restore Ultra, as well as other items to support metabolism.  MNS Max E lacks the Calcium Plus and Amplify AT, so when I’m on MNS Max E, I add those in separately.

(Sometimes we come off MNS 3 and simply follow a very similar “custom” routine of CorePlex, Calcium Plus, OmegaPlex, Amplify AT…following pretty much the same timing of the MNS 3 instructions)

OmegaPlex – Whether we get some OmegaPlex from MNS or not…we make sure we get lots of extra OmegaPlex per day.  We are big believers in lots of fish oil.  6 per day for Pam…8 per day for me.

C-Grams – We take 6 C-grams per day, or 3g Vitamin C.

Spark – 1 or 2 per day.

Catalyst – 5 first thing in the morning, 5 later in the day.

Meal Replacement Shakes – We (the family) have Meal Replacement Shakes for breakfast 1 or 2 mornings per week.  I’ll also use them on occasions when I know I’m going to be missing a meal.  Because I keep my protein very high, I add 2 scoops Muscle Gain to the shake.

ThermoPlus – We only use this when we are specifically targeting getting leaner. Works like a charm!

Slam – When we need an extra boost, 1 per day, sometimes mixed in with BioCharge.

Performance and Exercise

Pre-workout ‘jet fuel’ = 2 scoops Mass Impact, 1 scoop Arginine Extreme, 1/2 serving Spark. I’ll also add in O2 Gold when I know the workout is going to be longer and in ‘that’ fuel domain.

During workout = 1 BioCharge.

Post-workout recovery = 3-4 scoops Muscle Gain, 1 scoop Post Workout Recovery.

Sleep and recovery = At bedtime, 4 tablets Nighttime Recovery on heavy training days (3 tablets on non or light training days).


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