Mirror re-do.







We previously had a red-ish accent going on through our house.

That’s over. As much as we originally liked this mirror it no longer fit the rest of the house. Our furniture has gone ebony/black. Doors are going dark (not black because it is quite stark but pretty darn dark). The banisters will be painted to match the doors in the very near future.

This mirror had to go. Or fall in line. I’ve only recently found the joy of spray paint so rather than sell this interesting mirror for next to nothing and then have to replace it, I decided to give painting it a go.


A goofy picture, for sure, as the mirror is sitting on a black leather bench so you can’t see the bottom edge but a plus is you can see the now dark entry closet door in the reflection.

The paint I had on hand was a matte black which just didn’t have much zing to it so I hit it with a Crystal Clear Enamel by Rustoleum. Super fast dry time and no clean up except for the brown paper under the mirror versus getting out a paint brush and hoping I don’t miss any spots.


I really like this mirror. Its ultimate location in the house is yet to be determined. Between myself and two daughters with differing opinions it might be a while. I’ll follow up once its found a home.

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