Lifting and details

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Weight distributed evenly across feet, knees out, back flat, head neutral. Simple points of performance, obsessively practiced, executed brilliantly.

The truth is we play the way we train. Small deviations from optimal movement need to be addressed and fixed before load is increased. With increased load small problems become big and there are only two outcomes. Either the mechanics become such that the load cannot be increased or an injury is sustained.

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These words from The Brand X Method ring true no matter the age of the athlete. I think that many people expect, as adults, to not have to pay attention to details when training. You can walk into any regular gym anywhere and just do whatever you want without coaching or guidance. That’s what you’re paying for in a regular $9-20 per month membership; rented equipment only with no coaching. This leads the general population to the misconception that weight lifting is simple. If you have limited expectations for yourself under a bar, if you’re just looking to ‘tone’, maybe that’s true but I still say you will, over time, put yourself at risk for injury as you can only do something incorrectly so many times before damage is done.

Weightlifting done right is not simple. You have to want to be awesome with light weight in order to really move up into heavier weight. This applies to all athletes – professional/college/youth/recreational. As with any sport, the top athletes make it look simple but they are not the norm. Teaching weightlifting right is not simple either. So much depends on the coach, their knowledge and experience, and the athlete, their physical abilities, mindset and experience. Every time you train you are bringing more than your body to the workout. At least you should be, in my opinion. – P

If you want to be better at lifting its not enough to show up physically. You have to do your part – show up mentally ready and be prepared and open to being coached.

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