We’re in the second part of the 24 Day Challenge now. Today is day 14 and aside from food variances or leanness goals every day looks much like this. Catalyst and MNS-3 are my go to regulars for general health and well being. I view supplements as insurance against disease or illness. AdvoCare has s brilliant product in the MNS systems! The basics of multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, top quality EFAs, probiotics for continued gut health (your first line of defense and wellness) are all laid out for you in an easy to manage strip. Some vitamins and minerals need to be consumed on an empty stomach in order to be optimally absorbers. Some need food and fat. Do you know which is which and when to take what? The MNS system helps you out. Catalyst is an amino acid blend. I’ll write about that product separately. Regarding diet (food in general) from here to the end of the Challenge, the goal is to stay clean. Eggs, bacon, guacamole for breakfast as often as is possible. Lunch and dinner are a basic formula of meat plus as many vegetables as possible plus healthy fat. Anyone who says paleo eating is low/no carb is doing it wrong. #fitmom #munsonfamily #fitlife #fitover40 #advocare #24daychallenge #cleaneating #healthylife #glutenfree #grainfree #paleo #positivechanges #blog

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