And Day 7 of our most recent AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge is done! We started the day with some weight lifting, then a 15-ish minute workout and followed it up with a custom shake that Matt mixed up with Muscle Gain, Post Workout Recovery, Fiber Drink, mixed berries, coconut milk and ice. Split amongst the four of us (varying for size) and we were covered for breakfast. Then Matt and I were off to work on a gym install for a couple of hours. Back home for lunch we had soft tacos in corn tortillas with ground meat he made a couple of days ago and lettuce, guacamole and salsa. All around this is super simple food with no added sugars, flavoring, preservatives or extra scary stuff. The goal with dinner was to use the Brussels Sprouts and otherwise empty out the fridge. That there are left overs for Matt to take to lunch tomorrow is a big bonus. Dinner ended up having the Brussels Sprouts, chicken breast, rotisserie chicken and carrots all dumped in together with garlic pepper and some other seasoning blends. It was tasty and simple and uses up those last bits here and there rather than throw them away. Eating clean does not have to be expensive! The Challenge systematizes and takes the confusion out of eating. Here’s the other thing that doing a 24 Day Challenge does for you…it keeps you on track for 24 Days! This weekend we were on the road and out of our routine. We would have LOVED to have done our normal and said road food doesn’t count but we are on a Challenge. Good stuff! #blog #grainfree #paleo #positivechanges #cleaneating #healthylife #fitmom #fitover40 #fitlife #24daychallenge #advocare

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