Deep Dish Pizza – Grain Free!

Friday night was supposed to be a treat for the girls and myself. We seldom eat out and rarely eat pizza but I’d found a Groupon for a little pizza place in The Woodlands. (funny to think of this now because someone once told me there wasn’t the possibility of a non-chain restaurant going into The Woodlands…but I digress)

Earlier in the week, Eric had gone on about this awesome pizza they had had the weekend before. I ended up with pizza on the brain. Deep dish pizza on the brain. So when I’m skimming the local listings at an additional 25% off ‘What is there to lose?’, I’m thinking. Some grain irritation is worth it for a good cheat. Emphasis on good. Now I’ve had just so-so foods. A meh burger here or there. Not horrible but no need to go back. This pizza…I’ve had a hard time not posting reviews all over about how bad it was. Spinach sitting on top that was char and inedible! Crap customer service, burned crust, charred spinach, cheese overloaded into the center. Its the universe saying to not eat out again. Done!

So this weekend I’ve still had pizza on the brain. We have successfully tackled this beast and now no longer need pizza restaurants. Good job crappy pizza place in The Woodlands!


Mia found a Paleo Pizza Dough recipe and has used it a time or two already. We put that sucker into a deep dish today.

Crust cooked first by itself.


Then add cheese. We’re not huge cheese folks (sauce is most important to this house) so we went light here. Sauce is next and half of it goes here. We use HEB store brand spaghetti sauces. Period.

Then came the meats. Yesterday, I was on a roll cooking stuff. (Plus, I got out too much meat for just the three of us. Matt does make a dent in our food. Who knew?) I had two pounds of ground venison so one was cooked with almost no seasoning except garlic, salt and pepper because that’s the basics and one was cooked with taco seasoning. Coming up with my own combo is on the goal list in the very near future so I can control what all is in it but for now I used a pre-mixed packet. The ground meat we used for this pizza was from the basic batch. We used about 1/4 lb. and added 7 slices of bacon, chopped up, plus approx. 1 C of spinach leaves. Oh! And a little more cheese.


Then there’s more sauce and finally the bigger quantity of cheese before going into the oven for 5 more minutes at 450 degrees. Then you ask Mia to get a knife to cut it up. Special child. 🙂


By the time it was done it is over an inch thick with a thin crust. Loads of good stuff is in each slice. We all are full and deep dish pizza pie satisfied.

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