Beard Oil

I’m a fan of the beard and I’m a fan of good hygiene products.  Hence, I’m a fan of products that make my beard look, feel and smell better!

The first beard oil I ever used was from, but it was made by theBeardedBastard.  I got the Woodsman and the Morocco.  Gotta tell you I absolutely loved them both.  The Woodsman has a (guess what) very woodsy scent, strongly pine and cedar.  This was also Pam‘s favorite!  The Morocco had a strong spicy tobacco den kind of smell.

moroccobeardoil woodsmanbeardoil

As I got low on those, Pam got me a three pack of Tea Tree, Tree Ranger and Spiced Citrus from BeardBrand.  While I do like them, not quite as much as theBeardedBastard oils I had before.  The scents seem a little ‘odd’ or ‘off’ to me, and they don’t linger quite as long.


Does anybody else have any good beard product recommendations?


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