Another Challenge is upon us!

We started our August AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge yesterday! I can’t think of how many we’ve done (no, we don’t view them as a once and done thing) over the years. We utilize them as an opportunity to reset our health, get our minds right regarding taking care of ourselves and focus on us for at least 24 days. Our daughters are joining us with this one. They do most of them with us. Always have. IMG_1154

When we first signed up in AdvoCare and promoted the 24 Day Challenge, I can vividly remember ‘friends’ getting horribly upset that we’d sell out to a ‘shake company’ or a ‘weight loss’ company. Careful kids…you’re talking about things you have obviously not bothered to look in to.

AdvoCare’s 24 Day Challenge isn’t a weight loss program. For the majority of folks who do it they end up losing weight but look around…most folks could stand to drop a little or a lot of weight. What the Challenge is, in simpler terms, is a system reset. You spend the first 10 days getting your gut healthy. A large majority of health issues are directly tied to gut health. Instead of addressing the skin issue, how about we address what is causing the skin issue? An unhealthy gut allows in things that shouldn’t be (there’s a hole in the filter) or it doesn’t recognize things we desperately need and then doesn’t absorb them. If you are working hard to manage your macro nutrient ratios, buying the best foods you can for all of their micro goodness but the system that absorbs and filters that food is bad then you’ve wasted that time and money. So for 10 days the focus is on super clean eating and gut health. Easy.

This is the part we’re in right now. Every day starts off with probiotic and a Spark (because while it says Energy on the package, its vitamins and minerals and great stuff to help your energy systems and mental focus but that’s a bit long for advertising). Before breakfast there is a fiber drink. Add water and chug. Easy. Then breakfast which builds around protein and clean fats with lower sugar/higher fiber fruits and done! Seriously easy. Lunch is a Meal Replacement Shake (which is, I guess, the controversial part). Its a balanced Protein/Carb meal with vitamins and minerals and amino acids we need all measured out to be an easy, no-brainer meal. Use them, don’t use them. Calm down. We use them to take the work and thought out of one meal. Afternoon has another Spark if needed. Dinner is built around meats, tons of veggies and healthy fats. Take an Herbal Cleanse just before turning out the lights and that is the outline for the first 10 days of your 24 Day Challenge.

Its not rocket surgery.

I will be posting how we approach the entire 24 Days for anyone who is interested in following along and seeing the whole thing made simple because it is simple. Ridiculously so.

Contact me if you’re interested in giving this 24 Day Challenge program a go. No pressure on anything, just help here for you to get the best results for you. There’s no right time to start a Challenge except choose a day that ends in a y. Those are good start days.



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