21 Years and counting!

On this day, 21 years ago, Matt and I met at the front of the Chapel on the campus of Texas A&M. In front of our friends and family and led by Pastor Rick Rigsby we said something to the effect of yada yada yada ’til death do us part.

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It was magical and I don’t remember a word of what we said. (We’ve heard it was beautiful) I remember hating being in front of so many people. I remember being ready to get on with our life already. I remember focusing on Matt and trying not to laugh/cry as it seemed inappropriate. We didn’t need the ceremony and only did it as we thought there were expectations of such. (Found out later there weren’t.)

FullSizeRender 67For that matter, when we decided this was it we bounced the day from spring break next year to Christmas this year to Thanksgiving to August before the next semester started as we were still in college and Matt was continuing on. We had picked the 20th of August but Matt’s sister had rented a house boat for that weekend so we moved it more forward to the 13th. It worked out great for us.

A new friend and his bride are going to celebrate their 30th anniversary in September and he put the whole wedding thing beautifully into perspective. The wedding is the celebration of the potential. The anniversary, though, the anniversary is the celebration of the accomplishment.

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How very true. There have been a million big and little things come up against us over the years. We have had our fair share of struggles and obstacles. Loving him has been the easiest thing ever and I wouldn’t change a minute of it. It sounds sappy but he is the best part of me and I am so excited about everything that is coming our way (no matter what it is) because its happening with you!

Happy 21st Anniversary!


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