WSJ Fat Article

A friend of my mom – Nancy – struggled with high cholesterol during the late 80’s/early 90’s. I was a late teen and didn’t understand the struggle she was going through at the time. I just knew, through hearing conversations, that she exercised daily with long, fast walks and cut out all fat in her food. She regularly said that she was living on card board. I don’t know how old Nancy was at the time but I couldn’t relate to her struggle in my kid-like health.


At the time the thought was there – If no fat, high carb wasn’t fixing Nancy’s high cholesterol problem then why was this the guidance and why was it continued? Years later the question popped back up and stands still to this day.

There have been many books, articles, videos read and watched that have looked at this problem as well as celiac and leaky gut before they were common terms.  Light is starting to be shone on the myth of fat=bad. Its about time. The Wall Street Journal has run an article that is worth your time to read – The Questionable Link Between Saturated Fat and Heart Disease. Please click the link and read. Please ask yourself the question and add to it – If we’ve been experimenting on ourselves by cutting out fat and increasing carbs then why is our collective health worse than its ever been despite having amazing medicine and science, etc? Its worth your time thinking about it.

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