When is it Mission Complete?

I’ve had some great conversations in the past 5 days with some really great people! This morning, after our personal training session, Carla and I got to talking life while she was cooling down and stretching. Folks who do personal training tend to be type A personalities and driven. They are goal oriented, usually with limited time. Carla definitely is. Our conversation got into the topic of when is something completed? When is the job done in a definite and defined way? I’ll get back to this.


Matt and I made people cuh-ray-zee when we had our old gym. Every system, equipment layout, programming template, nutrition system…everything!…was open to critique, criticism, adjustment and improvement at all times. Nothing is ever perfect and done in our way of thinking. It could always be better. We could always be better.

At home, the house and yard can be better, more efficient. How we take care of everything and every one can be better and more efficient. Of late, we’ve been on a super simplification kick, getting rid of redundancies and waste, not bringing things in unless they have a purpose. Be better. The place is getting close but I can’t imagine it being done.

Personally, we’ve been on a path of self-reflection and self-improvement for the past 2.5 years. I know the exact start date. It’s tattooed on Matt’s arm. Carla and I talked about all of this and more. For most of the things mentioned there is no point when you say this is done and no more work will be put into it.

We talked about marriage, too. When Matt and I got married there were folks betting we wouldn’t make it. When is that date where we get to collect, where we get to say we’ve made it? We’re pushing 20 years but I don’t think there ever is a done date. A relationship is such a fluid thing with need for care and nurturing, respect and understanding.

So I won’t apologize for not settling, for always pushing. Its a huge part of me and the drive has nothing to do with anyone else.


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