3 Important Supplements for Adrenal Health

I read everything that Vanessa Bennington writes for Breaking Muscle. She’s a nurse practitioner and CrossFitter and someone who’s thoughts on health and wellness I respect. Her post about Growth Hormone got me to digging back through the archives at Breaking Muscle to see the other things she’s posted and that I liked. Just a couple of months ago she wrote about dealing with adrenal issues herself. In an article entitled The Top 3 Supplements For Improved Adrenal Health she listed out 1. Magnesium 2. Vitamin C and 3. Ashwagandha as the top go to’s when trying to get yourself back on track. The magnesium is necessary and burned up during stress. Deficiencies can cause depression and anxiety among other things. Vitamin C helps to regulate norepinephrine, epinephrine and cortisol as well as the synthesis of testosterone, cortisol and it is, of course, a powerful antioxidant. The last one, Ashwagandha, I’d never heard of but then went digging through the AdvoCare supplements I take. Here’s why.

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Prior to AdvoCare, we took separate and specific supplements which means we took this one specific supplement here and that one there and filled in where we knew to with additional supplements because these pieces don’t happen in isolation in the body. Supplements work together in different areas and need things to go with them to be utilized correctly. Some need to be taken with food because they need fat to be absorbed (not a great idea to be no fat in your diet for this reason among many others), some have to go on an empty stomach. Some need helpmates to process. Think calcium and magnesium for calcium. When there’s an imbalance in one or an absence of the other you have problems. Just keep adding calcium by itself and you’re actually doing harm. So…one of the changes we had to get used to was that the doctors working with AdvoCare took that kind of information into consideration when they were formulating products. AdvoCare doesn’t do many isolated products. One of the top products is an ‘energy’ drink – Spark. I hate the tag energy drink but totally understand that ‘vitamin shot’ wouldn’t sell very well. The thing is that Spark is an amazing vitamin drink that is balanced to give you sustained energy and mental focus and, for me, it does!

What does this have to do with Ashwagandha? Well, its in AdvoCare’s Formula W as well as NightTime Recovery and is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-aging, antioxidant awesomeness! Vanessa pointed out that it improves sleep, immune function and decreases anxiety. I think those are awesome things as well and will have future posts about the importance of rest and sleep for recovery and overall health.

So here’s the deal. 2 products overlap and help with sleep and anxiety in relation to the magnesium and Ashwagandha – NightTime Recovery and Formula W. For the Vitamin C we use C-Grams and Spark. There are loads more things in each product. You can check them out on our site Matt & Pam’s AdvoCare Site. It really is great stuff.

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