Supplement-al Insurance

Not everyone takes vitamins. I get that. I, myself, cannot imagine NOT taking vitamins.

The basic stuff, in my mind, is insurance against all the little avoidable physical and mental health issues out there. New studies come out daily informing us of this illness we get from too little of that vitamin, that health problem our kids might get if we didn’t take in enough of that mineral while carrying. Yes…I understand how we should be eating. Should and could and all that. Most of us have full lives and full plates already. Sourcing the best of everything – and then paying for it – is an obstacle. Having it on hand is another obstacle. In a country where we’ve turned to eating out more than we eat in we are living in a world so far from what gets us the best our body’s need and rather than say that I’ll risk those illnesses I choose to take supplements.


I choose to take AdvoCare supplements to be precise. I like the health I have improved to in the almost 4 years since we started on the products. As of today – March 7, 2016 – I am 45 years old and am not on a single prescribed medication. Not one. I take a baby aspirin once per day for the blood thinning effects (that’s another post on another day) and I take AdvoCare’s MNS-3. It is a basic system of basic insurance as far as see it. Multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, essential fatty acids, probiotics for gut health, some other general wellness items and weight management things. Nothing rocket science. Nothing voodoo.

I know a ton of people drink Spark every day for energy but I am a high processor of caffeine, meaning I get nothing energy-wise out of items targeting energy by that source. Falling asleep while drinking any caffeinated anything is no problem. So I don’t drink Spark for the energy. I drink it for the vitamins and amino acids and mental clarity those two bring. Being ‘on’ is awesome! And in times of stress the extra vitamins that your body burns through for cortisol production are right there getting refilled so you don’t end up sick. Double awesome! It gets up to triple awesome when you’re low-carbing your diet and Spark doesn’t cost you much in the way of counted carbs. Life is good.

So it comes down to this. No to prescriptions. Yes to preventative vitamins and minerals.


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