Strength Progress


I’ve been CrossFitting for 8 years now. So much for the theory that its not possible to do CrossFit training long term without killing yourself. I also happen to be 43.

When CrossFit rolled out the lovely WOD “Linda” many moons ago there was no way I could ever see myself doing this workout as RX’d. Look at those requirements! Body weight bench! 1.5 x body weight deadlift! What?! Since we’ve been able to focus on our eating and sleeping and training we’ve been able to get really strong. Weird.

As of today, the deadlift is not an issue. The cleans weight is not an issue. I am thiiiiis close to the bench press weight being a doable issue. So my two part goal is to drop my body weight a bit and increase my strength two bits which should get me to able to do this gem of a workout. And the time won’t matter even though it will be timed. The doing of it is all that matters.

Some folks make a goal of completing a triathlon or running a half marathon. These original named WODs are my big goals. Its time to start ticking some of them off!

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