Stay-cation Backyard

The idea when we bought this house was that, since we owned our own business and so would not be able to travel due to time or money, we would turn the back yard into a place to relax without the travel. Buying something with a totally raw piece of land was new to us and I was honestly challenged at the effort that is needed to get healthy soil for the grass to grow well and the plants to flourish. We were spoiled with the old house with its 30 years of organic matter breaking down and building up and basically becoming awesomeness in green. This place…not so much. Anywho…the weather is getting beautiful, the pool is warming up and most of the yard is coming alive. Its nice to see your efforts starting to take off.

IMG_3989  IMG_3992


These two pics are of the yard not long after we bought the house. All we had done was put in a single plant bed on the one fence. We call it the dog bed. There’s a story.

DSC_0173  DSC_0174

These two are from the next spring. Beds on the back fence line and pulled up the sprinkler system. Still sucky.

DSC_0836  DSC_0838

These pics are the pool just completed. Plants sort of growing but still scrawny. When the pool was being dug out they said they never hit anything but clay. Not a bit of decent soil to be found. It explains a LOT!

IMG_6154 IMG_6155 IMG_6156


This is today. Still a long way to go but lots of progress made and everything except the pool we’ve done ourselves. Insert a joke about us not actually building it and we’re done!

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