Standards are Important

Standards for everything are important. They give structure and guidance and goals. They are something to work toward and then dominate. Helping more people to be able to achieve the standard elevates everyone. Yes, some won’t make it but plenty will. That’s ok. Giving people the ridiculous idea that everyone should be able to do anything is selfish and hurtful. Lowering the standard lessens everyone even though it feels good momentarily for some, namely the people letting ill equipped people through so they can fail somewhere else down the line and in someone else’s world. Lowering the standard is simply passing the buck.

Being held to a tough standard and then finally achieving it is something to be proud of. Thank you to Jeff and Mikki Martin of The BrandX Method for sharing this excellent write up and reminder via a post on Elite FTS Keep Yourself at Seventeen Inches. Please jump over there and read the post. Its worth your time. Happy weekend!

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