So…I don’t drink.

Matt (my guy) has been very out there with his decision to stop drinking. Me, not so much. But I did stop along with him for very practical and pragmatic reasons. It all came down to a pro/con list and the cons outweighed the pros.


On the pro side…everyone else does it and some drinks can taste good. It makes get togethers and parties more socially easy.

On the cons side…I’m cheap and hate spending money on something that’s literally going to pass through me with little benefit. It doesn’t actually make any problem/situation/struggle easier to manage or disappear or better. I’m an affectionate drunk so a bad temper or what not wasn’t a problem but there were people I could only really stand when I was tipsy at the least which is sad and which also means I don’t really need or want them in my life. Too often driving was necessary after imbibing and believe it or not the kids are noting what you do and how it doesn’t match up with what you say. Stupid things said and done while under the influence which suck when I can remember them and suck worse when I can’t and get told about them. All the bad things that become awesome and needed things to eat when inebriated. I put so much effort into being healthy and fit otherwise and toss it all right out the window with a single drink. I would much rather have a bowl of ice cream than a drink any day.

There are more reasons but this was more than enough to make the decision easy. Matt was out so I was out. An easy decision when done together.

So I found this video of a part of John Mulaney’s stand up bit talking about how people deal with him now that he doesn’t drink. People are funny and this is accurate. For me anyway, water is just fine, thanks. Happy Friday.

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