Matt and I have known Chef Wallach for years now through CrossFit and PDR. In 2014, I got to be in the first class of folks who wanted to learn more about how to bring training to a community of folks outside of what most people thing of as ‘typical’ CrossFit athletes. As a trainer/coach I enjoy working with a broad range of folks but my biggest joy is helping someone who thought they couldn’t to realize that they can. So much of what CrossFit/strength training/real conditioning is involves the mind and first becoming strong there. It carries over into all other areas of your life, realizing how capable you are. IMG_7485
At the above Adaptive Coaches Seminar run by the Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance and held at CrossFit Redefined in Spring, TX, Chef and his partner, Jason Sturm, helped interested coaches learn how to work with adaptive folks interested in continuing on with their fitness life.

“You tell me you can’t do something
I’m gonna call you a liar.
You haven’t tried it or
You don’t want it bad enough”
Jason Sturm

I came across a video today – PUSH – about Jason Sturm. Its worth your time.

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