Primal Pit Paste Review from my guy!

I’ll leave the majority of this post to be a lead up to getting you to click the link and head over to Matt’s page for the review but here’s my bit…


We’ve been those counter culture people for years, finding our own way and questioning everything. Just because it sells well doesn’t mean its the best for what I need it to be/do. That goes for everything imaginable. One area of huge interest to us is clean products. That’s pretty broad because that can mean anything you can buy to serve a purpose. House cleaning, yard care, car care, personal care, food and so on. I won’t use a product just because it has fewer ingredients. That’s great and all but most important – it has to WORK!

Matt – The  Hot Hubs – wrote about an awesome (I mean the extremely good; excellent definition of awesome) product review on Primal Pit Paste. Click the link to go read it. I’d like to add that we’ve tried almost every product out there and have never been as happy or successful. Love it!

I’ll also add that I don’t give a rat’s rear end about whether its listed as organic. Its paraben free and aluminum free. Good to go.

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