Picking a direction

I’ve loved what I’ve been doing for the past 8 years which is coach/gym owner/maintenance person/marketing person/part time blogger/small business person. Nutrition – paleo, primal, organic, whole food, local – has been a thing for us and me for 15 years which is when I gave up on the medical establishment’s ability to help me. I was right. (I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong but I like being right.) For the past 17+ years I’ve also been a teacher to my two kids. I’ve loved that job, too, and can’t encourage other parents enough to jump in there and do it also.  I absolutely love who they are and who they are becoming!


All of these things are continuing, some are growing, others are changing shape and getting more personal. A month or so ago I mentioned that Matt and I were unplugging some and reevaluating where we are and where we are going. Matt has found his footing and recommitted to his true passions of nutrition and training. His blog shows that. After loads of down time (too much, imo) I’m pursuing a lifelong passion that I put waaaay on the back burner for a myriad of reasons. It is through the encouragement of my kick ass husband and ridiculous kids that I’m accepting that its ok to do artistic stuff, which for me comes out in photography. Yes, the quirky and odd and family and pets but also the beauty of people in all their various forms being athletes and striving for more. The pictures were my favorite part of owning a gym.

So there. I did it. Matt is a huge believer in putting your bold plans out there to achieve or fail but to not hide from anymore.

Thank you to Josh Curtis, also. You inspire me.

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