Old Fool Who’s So Cool!

“I’m taking it back to the old school
‘Cause I’m an old fool who’s so cool”

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Get any group together for any period of time and eventually the discussion will include input from the older members of the group on ‘how things used to be’ or ‘back in the day.’

A reference to a time when things were worse? Times and circumstances suffered? Or, when things were better? Simpler, more enjoyable times? A little of both usually.

CrossFit officially started around 2000/2001. Pam and I found CrossFit in the Spring of 2006 and opened our garage affiliate that Summer.

We attended the 1st and 2nd CrossFit Affiliate Gatherings in 2008 and 2009.

09 Affiliate Gathering001 09 Affiliate Gathering007 09 Affiliate Gathering012

(These are pics from the ’09 Gathering…3 years after we started our affiliate.  The first pic is Pam and I with Coach Glassman as well as Matt Alexander, former Coach of ours and now owner of CrossFit 1836. The next pic is us with Freddy Comacho of CrossFit One World.  Pam, myself and Freddy all got our CrosssFit Level 1 Certification at CrossFit San Diego in the Summer of ’06.  The last pic is us with John Brown, another old schooler and great guy!)

In 2008, this video was premiered. A highlighting of the evolution of CrossFit up to that time. Watching this video last night it was interesting to note the lack of $300 workout outfits! Seriously, this is back when CrossFit was JUST about real people training and getting fitter…not a fashion show or a silly attempt to turn every single member into a ‘monster.’

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