New leather seats!

I thought that I had already posted this to the blog but I believe it was only to Instagram so I am adding this post here. We have a 2004 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer edition. It still drives great and we’ve kept up with the regular oil changes and all of the 30k mile services so it seemed like a minor investment to replace the destroyed leather seating on the two front seats. We decided against replacing the entire seat as the upper portions weren’t bad and we seldom use most of the extra features. All we wanted was to not sit on cracked leather. Simple enough.


I don’t remember what got me to looking at what the cost might be of buying the replacement leather seats (maybe it was warmer weather coming in and the start of needing a towel on the seats in order to be able to wear shorts without getting pinched.) I found new seats on for approx. $200 each and sold by Richmond Auto Upholstery, which, funny enough is located here in the Houston area. Buying them and actually installing them are definitely not the same so then came searching Youtube to see if this was something we could possibly do. This is the one we followed.

Youtube is a boon for those of us who are into doing things ourselves. I watched several videos before deciding to sell Matt on the idea. With all the research put in already he was on board.


I’ll leave the video to do the explaining because it is very accurate to our experience. We only had to buy 1 tool for the install as mostly common tools and parts that are needed.



Matt did both front seats but spread it out over two days just so that it didn’t take up every moment of the weekend and we could spend time with the kids and mess with projects in the back yard.

I’m not even kidding that changing these seats out improved the look of this vehicle and how much we like driving it. The more we do around our house and with our cars we are more and more confident about buying older vehicles and older houses.

Don’t be afraid of making this change. You’ll love it!


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