Multiple Streams of Income!

11. Multiple streams of income.

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If you have only your job what happens if you lose your job?
Or you strongly dislike your job/manager/working conditions?
Or you can’t work there anymore for whatever reason?
Or you get tired of having to choose work over family?

Multiple streams of income helps to take the pressure off of any one thing. Having our AdvoCare business just made sense while owning a gym. People walking in the gym already want to be healthier and at our price point tend to believe in prevention being better than curing. We already were selling products but we had to manage this protein provider, this omega provider, this preworkout, this post workout and on and on. AdvoCare is all in one, designed to work together and tested for label accuracy (its nice to actually get what you’re paying for) and banned substances as well as it allows our members to get discounts if they’re interested. And then there was the income which helped to take the pressure off of running a gym and allowed us to get back to what we really wanted to be doing which was helping people. (By the way…the vast majority of successful people in AdvoCare have NOTHING to do with the fitness industry.)
Irregardless of what your regular ‘job’ is, having that extra income outside of your 9-to-5 job lets you get ahead on bills, puts money in savings, keeps vacations off of credit cards, lowers stress all around and so much more.

Its something to think about.  Multiple streams.

Good stuff!

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