Its ok to Unsubscribe

I’ve been a Google user since BJ told us we should be Google users. Gmail replaced Yahoo mail which had replaced MSN’s mail. I still have the Yahoo account but it is only used for those websites where you have to give an email to continue and I’m curious or when signing up for a chance to win something or other. Its basically a digital trash can that I go into once a month and clean out. Simple.

When gmail added the tab feature I was thrilled! Thank you for dividing out the categories as it really does help manage my mail. Beyond that help from Google comes the part I have to play in managing the junk in my digital life. There are plenty of times that I unsubscribe from newsletters, promotional email listings, coupon sites, etc. and that’s ok.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 9.50.15 AM.png

Why am I bringing this up? Because I am surprised regularly by comments in conversations about folks being overwhelmed by their email. What?! Its your email. Delete…delete…delete. And unsubscribe! Feelings won’t be hurt. No one will cry. Businesses won’t end because you stopped getting their email. I promise. As a business person myself, I’d rather my newsletter goes to folks who actually want the info and might actually do something with it.

This is all kind of like cleaning out your closet. If you haven’t bought from a website in the past 6 months then drop the newsletter. If you aren’t in the market for home repair stuff or yard stuff then why continue on with Home Depot or Lowe’s daily newsletter? Don’t do it! This applies to clothes sites, coupon sites, news sites…the list is endless. If you aren’t using it or don’t need it then get rid of it! YOU have control of your digital life and your real world time. Quit being a victim of email overload! Unsubscribe!

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