We’ve been Internet friends with David ‘Chef’ Wallach for many years due to us all being old school CrossFit. We’ve known him through Tony Blauer’s SPEAR Tactical System. It’s been cool to watch his gym, CrossFit Rubicon, grew and change lives, this past year Chef expanded what he was already doing into the Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance, joining forces with some amazing folks helping those interested in learning how to help and better work with adaptive athletes. In my 8 years instructing CrossFit athletes I’ve worked with people from all different backgrounds and fitness levels and with a broad range of issues, injuries and things to over come. This was a truly beneficial program and I am so proud of this certificate. I truly believe that CrossFit is for everyone. #creekside #creeksidetraining #thewoodlands #tomball #adaptiveathletes #betteryou #continuelearning #alwaysbetter #blog

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