If it was all about the fat then why are we worse?

We’ve been proponents of fat in your diet for years now. Cut out (preferably) or way down (ok) on processed foods with added sugars, fillers, not real things and increase the real stuff. Fat. It actually fills you up and makes you feel full and satisfied. A ‘diet’ cookie with the fat scrubbed and replaced tastes like a ‘diet’ cookie and you’ll want something, anything, to fill the void.


“Yes, I know I just ate a dozen low fat cookies but I’m still HUNGRY!”

I know. Been there, done that. Time magazine has an article by Bryan Walsh – Don’t Blame Fat – that is very much worth your time to read. I will be adding additional articles, websites, books, etc to this blog that covers and explains the hows and whys of fat being in your diet and in your life. And here’s a thought in finishing…If cutting out fat from our diets was supposed to make us healthier then why are we sicker, fatter and in so much trouble? My generation of folks should be paragons of health. Not so much. Take a look around. What’s in your medicine cabinet?

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