Hard Boiled Egg info beyond what you could ever think to ask

I’m not kidding with that title.


But getting a great hard boiled egg – which to me is one that isn’t overly done, the yolk is mostly yellow (not green) and its easy to peel – isn’t as easy as it would seem. I grew up using the boiling water method which consists of getting the water to a rolling boil, adding the eggs in one at a time via a slotted spoon and rocking them along for 8 minutes-ish. For the most part it has worked well for me so I’m not exactly sure why I even considered the Pinterest find that showed you start with room temperature eggs in cool water then bring them to a boil for eggs with no green. I did consider it though (probably thinking it would be a step up to not have the green aspect to the yolk. Green doesn’t affect the taste but if you can do it a bit better and get no green then I might want that.) and tried it. True there wasn’t any green on the yolk but holy cow they were impossible to peel! They were so bad they mostly ended up going to the dogs, for real.

So then there’s this post I found on Facebook from a guy who has done the research for real to find how to best boil eggs. He literally tests all methods he had heard of (oven? pressure cooking? what?!) even going so far as to do double blind testing which I find to be super cool. No anecdotes. Real research. Its a long and awesome read if you’re a bit of a cooking and/or science geek.

Check it out here: The Secrets To Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs

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