Are You In The Right Job/Career?

While this is not a post about AdvoCare (nope, not trying to pimp you into our business), I’m mentioning it in this post simply to help bring up the topic.

Are you in the right job/career?

In growing our AdvoCare business, we are helping lots of people develop “plan B” incomes and for some, develop full time incomes.  With these folks, and lots of others, we spend a lot of time talking about whether or not folks are happy in their current career/job/profession.

Almost always, this can be looked by asking yourself the following simple questions:

— Do you enjoy what you do (or can you?)?

— If not, what would make it more enjoyable and worth staying?

— Are those changes possible?

— Do you make make enough money, or will you eventually?

— Is there growth in the job/company/field?  In other words, can you prosper both professionally and financially?

— Do you like and respect the people you work with and for (if you work for others)?

Now, addressing all that…if the answer is no anywhere, can you change things?  If the answer is no to almost all the questions, why are you still doing what you’re doing?

In no way am I saying change is easy.  It can be hard and sometimes, not cheap.  What I am saying is, nothing changes if nothing changes!

Do something rather than nothing!


This pic is not of us in our job/career. This is me and my beautiful wife Pam on a cruise last December. Why am I using this pic? Because while we were out of town on vacation 3.5 weeks out of 5 in November/December…our business grew and prospered while we were away.

If you don’t, do something about it!

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