I don’t know when the general population decided that overly cautious is the best game plan. The things we did as children would have our parents locked up if one is to believe the news. Maybe the hysteria and constant drama are part of the digital age. In the 80’s and 90’s we had standard gossip and limited news shows to wind everyone up. Today we are all gossip spreaders and news sharers. Truth, back story, the whole picture, understanding and grace need not apply or be considered.


Maybe the problem is the participation trophy idea. That horrible process that devalues everything and every one. The children know who is good at the game, how to spell, understands the assignment. Everyone knows that beautiful art project is really mom’s art project. No one is fooled.

A dear friend’s son tested for his black belt in TaeKwan Do late last year. He’s been working toward it for years. His written test went very well as did the essay. Forms were on point and only the board breaking was left. He didn’t get it done. Tears came. From him and from mom. We ache when our kids ache. More, I think, than the kids do. He missed his black belt and has to re-test when testing time comes back around. No one made a special schedule for him. There was no pleading to count the effort. There was frustration and disappointment and a new target set out there. He’s been back at it, fixing the hole in his game and making darn sure that when he goes for it next time it will be a cake walk.

Life is stacked against us but that makes it worth living. I am convinced that most of the depression, anxiety and anger out in the world comes from people not living to their true potential. The medications prescribed by doctors or ourselves do nothing to fix the problem. They simply dull the body and mind’s normal response to adversity but the problem is still there when the meds wear off. A shorter course to feeling better would be to skip the medicated life and learn to deal.

Adversity is life and it is not the problem.

Thank you for the quote, Mr. McGregor.

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