Life is so much easier if you take no risks. Much easier.

It is also much smaller. To have a ‘safe’ life you have to trade something for it. What have you traded? Your time? Your potential? Your dreams? Nothing comes for free and safety is no different. Following the go-to-school-get-good-grades-go-to-college route does not guarantee success anymore. It hasn’t for a long time. The economy is evolving. The rules of the game are changing. That is good and bad.


We followed the standard path of school-to-job back in the 80’s and 90’s. Why would we not? That formula had helped our parents move ahead in their lives so it seemed the only thing to do for ourselves. For us, the promise of a big bucks, secure job didn’t pan out in the mid 90’s. Not like our families and not like we were promised. We had to learn on the fly about becoming entrepreneurs and we did but it wasn’t without risk and expensive trade offs in family and personal time. Once you figure out that there are other options out there besides the traditional scenario you will see so much more with the potential to be so much more.


If your mind is struggling with life right now…you might consider making that jump to something better.

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