Shane W.

DSC_0371My first experience with the CrossFit world was in Feb. 2012 when I dropped in to CrossFit Champions and was greeted by Matt Munson. My first impression was that he was very intense and a little bit intimidating, it quickly became very clear that both Matt and Pam had an incredible depth of knowledge that they were more than happy to share with anyone who was willing to learn, and sometimes on occasion with people who were not so eager to learn (Matt was very good at making you check your ego at the gym door).
Ok now for the meat of this, my two biggest interactions with both Matt and Pam came during the first 24 Day Challenge at CrossFit Champions and the 2013 summer strength challenge. During the 24 Day Challenge, I was once again amazed at the knowledge Matt was able to pass on to the athletes as far as workout intensity, nutrition, and supplement intake. He was able to take a lot of complex information and boil it down into a very easy to understand language, which I have to say it worked because I was able to drop close to 11 pounds, and decreased by workout time by roughly 3 minutes. The strength challenge was an entirely different animal, but once again both Matt and Pam were there to help all the participants with both correct lifting form in all four lifts as well as accessory lifts to ensure that we were getting the maximum results from our efforts.
In short, I happen to find both CrossFit Champions and the Munson’s completely on accident and I couldn’t be happier for it. I feel they have both directly and indirectly made me a healthier person. They are very knowledgeable and won’t hesitate to share that knowledge with anyone who has the desire to learn and better themselves.

Noel K.

DSC_0671 copyMatt Munson is a natural leader and teacher who will instruct, motivate, inspire, and push you to become a better version of you. My journey towards health and wellness began when I walked into Matt and Pam Munson’s CrossFit Champions box in November 2011. I was overweight, grossly out of shape, and had no idea how or what to eat to improve my diet and had no idea how to get myself in shape. Matt quickly became my role model and someone I looked up to with great admiration. He’s honest, to the point, committed, enjoys seeing people improve their health, and is one of the most personally disciplined people I know. Matt’s many years in the fitness world has made him a walking, talking encyclopedia of knowledge about proper diet, CrossFit, and strength training, supplements. His coaching and guidance helped me lose almost 50 pounds, lose 6 inches in my waist, complete my first ever 5k, help my wife get healthy and fit, and overall greatly improving my mental and physical health. I now know what foods to avoid and how to structure my diet and fitness regimen to help me achieve all of my fitness goals. I’ve taken the knowledge I gained from working with Matt and have instructed and lead neighbors and friends to live healthier lifestyles.
If you are looking for a coach that will motivate and inspire you to get better each day – look no further than Matt Munson.

Lynda K.

DSC_0282Heading into summer, 2013, I needed some inspiration and drive. Matt came up with a plan: ‘The 2013 Summer Strength Challenge’. I thought “Awesome! This is a way I can stay motivated and maybe break through some plateaus I had hit with my lifts.” So on we started.
As a base for the program, we used Wendler’s 5-3-1. Matt provided very in depth coverage of nutrition, supplementation and program methodology. He made the box accessible anytime we wanted to lift and made himself available for consultation. I not only improved my lifts, but I also fixed my form. My shoulder press increased from the previous plateau I held for 6 months. My deadlift increased 20 percent and my back squat increased 25 percent!
Through this program, and Matt’s guidance and encouragement, I gained confidence….and a few new PR’s. Well worth it!

Scott S.

DSC_0673My name is Scott and I was coached by Matt Munson on a summer strength challenge last summer (2013). I lifted weights throughout college while competing in NCAA Division I Wrestling, but never quite understood the theory, diet and programming requirements to see “real” results until completing Matt’s course along with a dozen or so other people this past summer. During the 12 week training I was able to make some substantial gains in strength (185 lb. gain over 4 movements) in a relatively short period of time and gain a long-term understanding of the inputs to really improve strength, not just move weight.
Matt is a great instructor not only in motivating you, but also in educating you on how to get where you want to be.