DIY – Rolling Workbench

A rolling workbench has been in the planning stages in my head for some time.

We are about to reorganize our garage, including building in these shelves (with modifications) to house all of our ‘garage’ stuff exactly how we want it.  Part of the ‘exactly how we want it’ is a rolling workbench to not only be a work bench, but also store lots of our tools.

I started with these plans, but made many changes.  For the mods, I wanted to have some drawers in the bench.  From some cabinet projects that never got off the ground years ago, we had multiple drawer slides and some shallow drawers as well.

I’d planned on the bench being about 41.5 inches tall, but once it was built, and before I installed the casters, we realized it was going to be far too tall.  So, as you’ll see in the pics, I shortened it by whacking the ‘feet’ off the bottom and installing the casters right to the base of the structure.

This isn’t a masterpiece.  Built out of 2x4s and plywood, I just needed it to be functional, not beautiful.

I’ll apply multiple coast of polycrylic to the top, but other than that, its pretty much done.


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